Bluebird Children’s Psychology ® Pty Ltd, is an established boutique private practice that is committed to providing a warm, personal and thorough service for children aged 2-17, where every child and their family are valued.


Kerrie Bona is the Director  & Principal Psychologist at Bluebird Children’s Psychology ®, based in Canterbury, Victoria.

COVID-19 – Update on services 3rd August 2020

Due to the move to Level Four Restrictions we are now only providing Telehealth or Telephone consultations. We are using Doxy (a medical grade telehealth platform). We understand that this is not ideal for children or young people. Telehealth does nonetheless have good efficacy in studies and it has been Kerrie’s experience this year that children even as young as five cope really well. Kerrie will plan all sessions to ensure engagement and children to date continue to relate well and report that it is still fun. During this difficult time it is Kerrie’s view that is important for consultations to continue. It is important for children to have access to paper, scissors, textas and pencils for sessions. All clients regardless of age should have a private space for the consultation to occur in. Some sessions depending on the child’s profile may require a parent to sit in with Kerrie and the child in order to get the best outcome but this happens infrequently.

If you are unsure how to proceed please call reception on 9036 2949. My lovely ladies will be more than happy to chat through any worries or issues you may have.

Parents, siblings, schools, teachers, early childhood centres, Paediatricians, GP’s and other allied health professionals can be important key stakeholders in enabling children to gain complete wellness. As such an integral and coordinated approach is taken that is considerate of the uniqueness of every child and is respectful of the important roles these people can play in helping children to regain their health whilst attending therapy.

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