Bluebird Children’s Psychology ® Pty Ltd, is an established boutique private practice that is committed to providing a warm, personal and thorough service for children aged 2-17, where every child and their family are valued.


Kerrie Bona is the Director  & Principal Psychologist at Bluebird Children’s Psychology ®, based in Kew, Victoria.

COVID-19 – Update on services 20th August 2020

We remain open through Stage Four restrictions and are primarily delivering Telehealth or Telephone consultations. We are using Coviu/Doxy (medical grade Telehealth platforms). As per the directions of the Victorian Chief Allied Health Officer (7/8/20) limited face-to-face appointments remain possible in exceptional circumstances. Please speak to us if you feel that Telehealth will not work for you or your child. Where face-to-face appointments are scheduled we require that you wear a surgical mask as per the Government directions (7/8/20). Unfortunately, a home made mask, bandana is no longer acceptable for attendance at a health appointment. You can purchase a surgical mask at your local pharmacy. While it is not a legal requirement for children under twelve to wear masks, children tend to be less likely to maintain physical distancing recommendations and we therefore ask that children also wear surgical face masks unless there are medical reasons why they can’t.  Social distancing, use of hand sanitiser will also be continued for face to face appointments and we kindly ask parents to wait in the car and return to the front door 5 minutes before the appointment ends to collect your child.Of course if any member of your family are at all unwell (whether you think it’s ‘just a cold’ or not) please contact us to reschedule your appointment or to discuss Telehealth options and do not attend the practice in person. Even if it is ‘just a cold’ if one of the psychologists or staff at Bluebird Children’s Psychology catch the cold, we will need to be tested for COVID-19 and everything has to be shut down until results are received. 

For clients who feel uncomfortable with Telehealth and would prefer not to wear a mask, we are happy to reschedule appointments for a later date, when hopefully some of these restrictions are lifted.

If you are unsure how to proceed please call reception on 9036 2949  we are here to help. 

Parents, siblings, schools, teachers, early childhood centres, Paediatricians, GP’s and other allied health professionals can be important key stakeholders in enabling children to gain complete wellness. As such an integral and coordinated approach is taken that is considerate of the uniqueness of every child and is respectful of the important roles these people can play in helping children to regain their health whilst attending therapy.

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