Bluebird Children’s Psychology ® Pty Ltd, is an established boutique private practice that is committed to providing a warm, personal and thorough service for children aged 2-17, where every child and their family are valued.


Kerrie Bona is the Director  & Principal Psychologist at Bluebird Children’s Psychology ®, based in Canterbury, Victoria.

COVID-19 – Update on services 3 May 2020

If you or a family member are unwell please do not attend in person for your appointment. We are happy to arrange a telehealth appointment or we can reschedule. We appreciate the consideration shown to date of all our parents in making this work.  If you are unsure please call reception on 9036 2949.

We continue to provide both face to face and telehealth services using Doxy (a medical grade telehealth platform) for those wanting this service.

We continue to observe the following to limit the risks at our small practice: 

  • All sessions commence with the use of hand anti bacterials by all parties
  • Social distancing (furniture in the suites has been moved to maximise space between people) and the suites are large in nature making this easy to achieve
  • Toys, textas, testing equipment and resources are disinfected several times a day 
  • We appreciate client parents dropping their child safely to us and then either waiting in the car or grabbing a coffee in Maling Road. This has been working well to date.  Parents return to the door 5 minutes before the appointment concludes and the clinician brings your child outside to you
  • We kindly ask families who arrive early to wait outside to minimise contact in the waiting room with other families departing from their sessions

Parents, siblings, schools, teachers, early childhood centres, Paediatricians, GP’s and other allied health professionals can be important key stakeholders in enabling children to gain complete wellness. As such an integral and coordinated approach is taken that is considerate of the uniqueness of every child and is respectful of the important roles these people can play in helping children to regain their health whilst attending therapy.

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